Justice is not only a virtue but a social virtue and its purpose is to maintain or to restore an equilibrium in human affairs and the legal profession is the principle channel of success for the community to the Court of Law and is the corner-stone of the legal system. It is a fact that law never inspires confidence unless the procedure for its administration also appears to be fair and therefore it is a dictum on the advocates that in addition to the necessary skill, considerable patience dependability, responsibility, perseverance and flexibility should also be associated with him. The Western notion of justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality , natural law, religion or equity.
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Euthanasia, which can be defined as bring about of a mercifully easy and painless death for persons suffering from incurable and painful disease or condition has been legalized recently by Nether land. Debates are going on throughout the world as to the morality and legality in legalizing euthanasia. In India, amongst other societies, the Calcutta society for the right to die with Dignity is demanding legalisations of euthanasia S.G. Low Plus,
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